General Instructions for Composing a Top Grade Art History Comparison Essay

These basic steps will not only help you create a good exposition. It will also develop your analytical skills when it comes to exploring historical events critically for sure. Here are a few tips that you should remember as follows:

  • Points to Remember
    You are bound to use the same principles in writing on art history as you would if you are writing about literature or philosophy. These subjects only differ when it comes to approaches in writing style as well as vocabulary usage. An art history exposition usually includes metaphysical descriptions and emotion apart from technicalities. When writing an art history essay, make sure that you can make the formal analysis as well as a comparative one. Any formal analysis, you are required to describe and analyze what you see physically. You have to focus on the color, texture as well as the lines used in any art form.
    Keep in mind that these factors may also differ depending on the period that you will explore in your exposition. If you are going to discuss two different artworks made by various artists, analytic comparisons could be employed. Considering the comparison, you should discuss both the physical appearance of the art as well as its effects on the main viewer. This means that you will not only discuss the techniques, materials and the type of media used to create art. You also have to talk about the emotional impact and possibly the psychology behind the finished product.
  • Additional Points of Discussion
    You can also talk about how certain events in history tend to influence the type of art that it produces. How it varies compared to artworks and sculptures from different points in history. This way, you will be not only able to discuss some of the art itself but also the historical events that lead to the production of the artwork.
    For example, if you’re going to discuss Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci as the topic of your essay, a good comparison essay will not only focus on how the painting came about. A good writer should also include why Mona Lisa was painted in such a dramatic and enigmatic manner.
    These factors will certainly make for an interesting exposition in the long run. Aside from this, do not forget to include some of your resources when writing your own exposition on art history. This will lend credibility to your material even more.
    Make sure that you get the data from reliable sources whether online or off. By doing this, the validity of your work will not end up being questioned.
    Choose the topic of your exposition wisely. In case you are assigned a topic, make sure to research the subject thoroughly. A good writer always displays efficiency and extensiveness in his work. Otherwise, he will surely have a poorly written exposition in the end.
  • Closing Statement
    With these pointers, you will surely be able to write a good art exposition and even a world history essay without difficulty. All you need to do is to be diligent and thorough in your research. You will surely get your desired results eventually.