How do you usually compose your essay? Step-by- step tutorial

Determine the type of essay

This is basically the very first thing you need to do even before you start thinking of the points to put down. The type of essay is normally determined from the broad topic given or rather, from the teacher’s instructions. This therefore means that, you have to read the instructions carefully before you make any judgment. This will help you determine the type of essay correctly. Failure to do this can cost you because you will get out of place by composing an inappropriate essay type.

Craft an outline

Once you have determined the type of essay, the second thing to do is to craft an outline. This will help you understand the major components that need to be include and therefore, you will not leave them out unlike if you fail to draft a good outline. Moreover, your outline should reflect your specific thoughts about the title chosen. Once you have put down the thoughts, give appropriate examples and other facts that can support your essay.

What is you thesis statement?

This is simply a statement that makes the reader comprehend what you will be talking about. It has to come out very clearly so that every reader can understand what you are majoring on. Direct the reader on what question you will be answering as you give your information to otherwise, most of them will get confused.

Composing a strong essay

Introduce the topic

Your introduction paragraph should be correctly captured in your work. It has to elaborate on the topic given to help those who might not have understood it to comprehend further. For instance, you have to elaborate on the major idea of the topic, give a thesis statement and a brief description of points that support thesis statement. In this paragraph, the reader has to understand the tone of the essay.

Compose the body of the paper

In the body of your essay, you have to give a topic statement, which is majorly an argument or an idea that support the topic. This has then to be followed by appropriate explanation and examples that will make the readers understand our work easily. In order to make it interesting and more reliable, make sure you draw your explanations from pertinent sources such as trusted textbooks and sites on the internet. If you miss to explain your points, your paper will be termed incomplete.

Craft a conclusion

There is no essay that ends without a concluding paragraph. Basically, this is the last paragraph of your work and therefore, it has to be short and precise. The essence of a conclusion is to give a summary of your major points that have been illustrated. Moreover, you need to make sure you use appropriate linking words to link up the points and narrow them down into a single paragraph.